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About CT Atlantic

CT Atlantic AG is a biotech company focused on the identification and development of human-derived monoclonal antibodies – HD-MABs™ as novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.

CT Atlantic is a spin-off of the University of Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland) and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR) (Zurich, Switzerland and New York, USA) and has a strong focus on clinical research and applications in the field of oncology. It was founded by Prof. Alexander Knuth, Chairman of the Department of Clinical Oncology at the University of Zurich and one of the pioneers in cancer immunotherapy. He was previously Professor for Oncology at the Klinikum Nordwest (Frankfurt, Germany) and University of Frankfurt, Germany. Prior to this he led the clinical trials and research activities in the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, New York and its affiliate in the Krankenhaus Nordwest.

The Company has entered into worldwide exclusive licensing agreements and performs collaborative research with both the University of Zurich and the LICR. In addition, it has built a network of clinicians and clinical institutions that are closely allied with the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, the University of Zurich and Krankenhaus Nordwest (Frankfurt, Germany).

The company is currently based in Zurich-Schlieren, Switzerland.

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