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Based on these human-derived monoclonal antibodies (HD-MABs™), CT Atlantic is pursuing three groups of antibodies as product candidates: HD-MABs™ against CT antigens – initially NY-ESO-1, established cancer targets, and previously unknown cancer targets.

So far, the program has identified a number of antibodies and drug targets that demonstrate high potential for therapeutic intervention, and two established targets have been integrated into the pipeline.


NY-ESO-1, CT Atlantic’s core program
The most promising of the CT antigens is NY-ESO-1. The NY-ESO-1 antigen is the most immunogenic antigen of the entire CT family and one of the most immunogenic in the entire body. It is widely expressed in cancers including breast, bladder, prostate, melanoma, NSCLC, hepatocellular carcinoma and ovarian cancers where expression ranges from 20 to 80% of tumors.

In a small subset of patients, robust immune responses have been observed against NY-ESO-1. In such cases, both a humoral and cellular response have been recorded. Those few patients that have been able to mount a robust immune response to their own tumor-derived NY-ESO-1 have provided a strong scientific rationale for the further development of NY-ESO-1 specific immunotherapeutics such as vaccines and now target-specific antibodies.

CT Atlantic is focusing on the identification, characterization and development of NY-ESO-1 specific antibodies directly from patients. The company's goal is to create a novel approach for using this antigen in immunotherapeutics.

We envisage using NY-ESO-1 antibodies in a number of complimentary approaches. Firstly, as single agents, whereby they can form the basis of an antibody-mediated direct anti-tumor response via the recognition of CT antigens presented by the tumor cell; secondly, as part of a combination approach whose aim is to stimulate immune system responses in addition to antibody-mediated direct anti-tumor responses.

Lead product CTA-001
In collaboration with the LICR and the University of Zurich, CT Atlantic has access to key patient populations that have enabled the company to apply its BCDTech™ platform and identify human-derived NY-ESO-1 antibodies.
These antibodies have been characterized in vitro and in vivo.

Additional CT antigen programs
NY-ESO-1 is the first of the CT antigens to be incorporated into the CT Atlantic pipeline. Assays that enable the identification of antibodies directed against additional antigens have been developed and select patients are progressing through the BCDTech™ platform.

NY-ESO-1 HD-MAB ordering information
To purchase our HD-MABs, please contact us via email at info@ct-atlantic.com.
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