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Antibodies optimized by nature
The B Cell Display Technology (BCDTech™) platform has been developed to isolate and clone antibodies with defined characteristics from cancer patients or cohorts of patients with remarkably stable courses of disease (e.g. in response to immunotherapy or other therapeutic interventions, by spontaneous remission, etc.).

The BCDTech™ platform comprises memory B cell preservation techniques, assay systems for the characterization of antibodies from single B cell clones and recombinant cloning techniques that rescue and re-express sequences encoding selected antibodies.

With this approach, CT Atlantic is able to rapidly clone and express unique antibodies that have evolved in cancer patients and been optimized by their respective immune system as part of its efforts to combat disease. These human-derived monoclonal antibodies (HD-MABs™) form the basis for the development of (pre-)clinical drug candidates.

CT Atlantic is applying the BCDTech™ platform for the identification of HD-MABs™ targeting cancer. Following their identification, the HD-MABs™ are cloned, characterized for epitope, affinity, sub-class, etc., and subsequently tested for efficacy in in-vitro and in-vivo assays.

Although BCDTech™ is a robust technology platform that produces sufficient numbers of quality antibodies, the uniqueness of this system is dependent on its input, i.e. patients’ samples. CT Atlantic has access to an outstanding source of samples and long-term clinical histories. As a result of its clinical base, CT Atlantic focuses on the identification of cases which are most likely to harbor effective anti-cancer antibodies due to their disease history. These cases are extremely rare. In collaboration with our clinical network, suitable patient populations are being assessed for screening.